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Skills Enhancement Through In-House Sessions

Designed to enhance the current skill sets of your team members, everyone will walk out with new knowledge and understanding of the many rabbit holes, which are often overlooked, that exist in the content of investigative options.  We offer the insight of 30 years of direct operational experience while based in Canada, the United States, and Germany, that will take your in-house capacity to the next level while preparing the team for beyond tomorrow.

Investigative Due Diligence

A depth of experience across a wide array of situations allows us to provide the absolute best in professional work product.   We understand needs and we understand how to perform.  Our product is our intelligence reporting.  You rely on our reports.  Our operation employs the methods required of the digital world as well as traditional investigative techniques to conclude diverse issues 


Social media investigation is a logical and natural extension of the background investigation, but we set the standard with our depth of investigative research.  We use intelligence driven investigative work to develop fact-based findings across the universe of possibilities.  Understanding persons, events, and occurrences is as important to the business process as any traditional transaction.  It is not uncommon that our contemporaries retain our services, and we are happy to have earned this reputation within our own industry.

Content Containment

Our portfolio of services has long practiced copyright protection through content containment.  We were there in the beginning and we maintain our presence today. 

Social media not only serves as a quick share platform, but also serves as a vehicle in which people attempt to impugn the credibility of others – either personally or commercially.  Digital Frisk is frequently retained to manage content affecting the health and reputation of both brands and persons.

Containing the impact of digital smack is a specialty service line we provide to North American clients.  

We do not attempt to skew search engine results as this is at best a temporary solution.  At Digital Frisk, we consider nothing less than root level content removal as the sole means by which to contain disparaging text, imagery, reports, posts, and overall defamatory content.  With many strategic solutions available, the technical process of sweeping the floor can only begin once the source point content has been contained.

Domain Name Investigations

Adopted in 1999, The UDRP (Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is in place to deal with the domainers and cyber-squatters.  Serving legal and corporate brand names for over 15 years, we have consistently delivered first-in-class service to our IP partners.

Determining the factual registrant of a domain name, is just the first step.  Our research will provide you with contact information and valuable insight into the background of the registrant.  This is information you need to negotiate successfully and acquire the domain name.

Trademark Support and Investigation

We work closely with intellectual property specialists bringing cover the spectrum of trademark investigation services.

We provide fact-based reporting. We determine if a trademark is presently in use. Through focused investigations, we make sure your rights are protected. After determination of the date of first use, we provide supporting evidence which often includes product acquisitions and digital collateral. How a registered trademark is used is fundamental to brand health. Whether for goods or services, in the domestic market or on the international stage, our research will provide you with confidence and ensure results.